The Penner Sisters

Wandered Too Far

I founded Mercury Sky Records in 2016. My goal was to find, record, and promote good Humboldt County singer-songwriters. My hope was to give these talented artists an opportunity to record and perhaps help them find a larger audience.

Mercury Sky Records’ third record is an EP by the Penner Sisters called “Wandered Too Far”. One of the songs on this excellent recording is titled “Criminal Daydreams”, written and sung by Elisa Penner also known as PENNER. Elisa’s sister Brianna is the other Penner sister and her beautiful song “Star Thistle Honey” is also featured on “Wandered Too Far”.

Mercury Sky Records is pleased to announce that Criminal Daydreams has landed shout-outs on two Spotify playlists, has been played on KHUM Radio station, and the music video has been featured on the independent music magazine Recording Artists’ Guild (RAG) website, and various social media platforms.

Between Facebook and Youtube, Criminal Daydream’s music video has been viewed nearly 1000 times this week. The songs on “Wandered Too Far  have cumulatively streamed over 350 times on Spotify alone in less than seven days. 

Stay tuned for more article reviews and music website features! Criminal Daydreams has been pledged a feature on Buzz Music LA’s website and social media platforms. It has also been pledged to be played on Fresh Sly’s independent music radio station in the coming week.

If you want to show support for local musicians, please “view”, “like” and “share” Criminal Daydreams with your family and friends. This is a valuable way to help good musicians get discovered these days. Thank you.

-Zach Zwerdling