Mercury Sky Records is pleased to announce the release of “Bury It”, a terrific song composed and sung by Humboldt County’s very own Brianna Helene Penner. Brianna’s artist name is Noosh, which was her childhood nickname. I have the good fortune to also play in Amber Soul, a band that includes Brianna and her siblings, Elisa and Devin. I continue to be amazed at the talent in this family.
Tip of the hat to Dominic Romano the sound engineer behind the recording, and Bongo Boy Studio where all the magic happened.
Please give it a listen. Comments and shares with friends are appreciated.
I founded Mercury Sky Records in 2016. My goal was to find, record, and promote good Humboldt County singer-songwriters. My hope was to give these talented artists an opportunity to record and perhaps help them find a larger audience.

Mercury Sky Records’ third record is an EP by the Penner Sisters called “Wandered Too Far”     read more…